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Shooting for Apartments and Shops.

When creating interior photography services, the most important thing is to return a faithful image of the spaces and the proportions of the rooms. It is equally important to bring the attention to detail, details and nuances that are part of the furniture to the attention of those who look at the images.

As Interior photographer, in my works I also deal with the home staging of the apartment, that is the arrangement of the furnishings and “props” in order to enhance the potential of the spaces and give a sense of experience and welcome to the rooms in a way to make an excellent impression already from the first contact which in the case of the real estate market is represented by the announcement. All this translates into a reduction in sales or rental times and a higher sale price.


Examples are these work created for architects, construction companies and real estate agencies with the aim of enhancing the excellent design work, the stylistic and practical choices, the quality of the finishes, the position and therefore the panorama.

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Shooting for Hotel, Bed and Breakfast and Holiday Home

In tourist photography, or in shooting for hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday homes, the aspects mentioned above are essential, but it is very important not to neglect the emotional aspect.

It is essential that the future customer looking at the photo on the site has the perception of the rooms, the arrangement of the furnishings in the room, the available accessories and the view, but it is also important to bring to his attention to detail or the atmosphere given by the right mix of furniture colors and lights, in a few words it is necessary to excite the visitor of the site or of the portal to transform him in a few seconds into a customer who will book his holiday shortly thereafter.

Here are some of the works carried out in different accommodation facilities, different especially by category, ranging from the 4 star hotel in the city center to the one on the Amalfi Coast, from the shabby-style bed and breakfast to the minimalist one, to the holiday home equipped with all the comfort. Structures different in style, type and furnishings.

Look at the gallery with a selection of my works:

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Shooting for Restaurants

More and more often before booking the restaurant or even to make a reservation, we make a passage on the net to see the closest one, the one with the best reviews or that makes the type of cuisine we are looking for for our special evening. For this reason it is important to present yourself in the best way with an image that best represents our place, the environments, the colors, the atmosphere and the dishes presented in the right way, also because it is known that attention is first captured by a beautiful image even before a good review that in any case does not hurt.

Here are some works done in different restaurants and event location:

Fotografo Certificato Google

Google Virtual Tour 360°

Several scientific and statistical studies have shown that 44% of consumers rely on mapping tools to search for a business and 40% of these visits turn into a site visit.

Google cards with quality photos and a virtual tour have twice the chance to arouse customer interest Google Street View Certified Photographer.

A team of professionals specialized in the creation of 360 ° virtual tours inside and outside buildings, accommodation facilities, restaurants and commercial activities.

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Fotografo certificato Google Street View - Salerno
Google Virtual Tour

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